Environmental crises have been occurring worldwide. It is needless to say that the adults, who are active in the first line of society, must take initiatives to solve these problems. At the same time, it is adults’ responsibility to tell children the importance of the environment and teach them how to protect the earth.

The Children of the Earth’s Club was founded with the notion that we must create and provide international opportunity for children to act for the environment, respecting the children’s own initiatives. Under the banner of “Let’s unite to protect our planet”, the Children of the Earth’s Club will support children throughout the world to stand firm hand in hand to protect their precious environment.

Against the background of peoples growing awareness of environmental issues, it is the goal of this contest to have children express with frank perspectives and their own words and pictures what they see in the present situation and how they think about the future.

At the Asian Children’s Conference, winners will discuss how to preserve the environment, respecting the regional characteristics of each country. Through this procedure, we hope, international exchanges will be promoted and children can think about the earth environment under a banner of “Let’s unite to protect our planet,” and find a dream for the future.