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 The 14th Poster Contest for Elementary and Junior High School Students                                 

<<Deadline: March 15 >>


Entries from: China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore and Thailand









The Fourteenth Poster Contest, “Let’s Protect Our Planet”

for Elementary and Junior High School Students


Rules of the Contest


Registration Instructions:             



 “Biodiversity: all life on Earth including human beings and nature should live together”  Please draw

posters presenting your own ideas, personal experiences and/or practices in your daily lives to conserve

biological diversity. 

No particular condition for title.


■Application rules:                                             

A sheet: 54 X 38 (cm); watercolor/ oil painting/ color pencils; Computer Graphics are not acceptable;

please copy an application form attached to fill it in with title of your poster, your name, sex, address,

telephone number, school name and grade, and nationality, and paste it on the back of the poster.


■Application Qualification: 

Fourth grade to ninth grade (or third year at junior high school) as of August 1, 2010


■Entries from:                     

China, India, Japan , Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore and Thailand


Awards for Poster (planned):

・Princess Takamado Award/One for each elementary and junior high school

・Prime Minister Award/One student of either elementary or junior high school

・Foreign Minister Award/One for each elementary and junior high school

・Minister of Education Award/One for each elementary and junior high school

・Minister of Environment Award/One for each elementary and junior high school

・Children of the Earth’s Club Award/Several students               

・Chief Judge Award/One for each elementary and junior high school

・Russian Academy of Arts Award/One for each elementary and junior high school

・Corporate Award/Several students


■Awardees’ privilege:          

The winners are invited to Japan to attend the Award Ceremony and other events.

 (The cost of airfare tickets between Beijing/ New Deli / Seoul/ Kuala Lumpur/ Moscow/ Singapore/

Bangkok and Tokyo, accommodation, meals, and transportation and insurance while they are in Japan,

will be covered by the Children of the Earth’s Club. Transportation fees to and from the airport in

these children’s own country must be paid by these children themselves and they are expected to

buy any souvenirs in Japan with their own money.)

The winners will be awarded certificates, medallions and memorial goods.



・Yoko Emori (journalist/ former editor, Asahi Shimbun)

・Midori Mori (musician)

・Agnes Chan (singer)

・Yuki Okazaki (actress)

・Keiko Utsumi (chairperson, Stand-up Comedians Association)                                    

・Kanji Okada (former editorial writer, Asahi Shimbun)

・Tadashi Goino (honorary member, Russian Academy of Arts)


■Judging standard:               

 A clear and straightforward power of expression, and ideas and opinions from children’s viewpoint

 on global environment.


■Deadline for submission:    

Foreign entries: applications should reach us no later than March 15, 2010 


■Mailing Address:                

Poster Contest Secretariat, NPO  The Children of the Earth’s Club

6F Akasaka-Ito Bldg., 7-10-9 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan



Winners will be informed early in June (planned) directly or via their schools. 

The announcement of the winners will be also put on the homepage   (http://www.c-earth.org/en).      


■Award Ceremony:               

August 5, 2010, Tokyo

In addition to the Award Ceremony, the winners from each country are to attend a

symposium to exchange views and nature study tours to get acquainted with each other.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Ministry of Environment/ Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Asahi Students Shimbun/ NHK/ Fuji-TV/ and TV-Asahi



Tokyo Electric Power Co. / Kiho Co. / Hitachi Ltd. / Toshiba / Tohoku Electric Power Co. 

Chubu Electric Power Co. / Mitsubishi Heavy industries Ltd. / Kansai Electric Power Co. 

Shimizu Co. / Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd./ United Media KK Co./Hokkaido Electric Power Co.

Shikoku Electric Power Co. /Albion Co. /Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.

Aoi Industry Co. / Meishinken Co. / Eco Clean / Ida Planning Inc. / Asahi Creative Co.        


■Special cosponsors:              

Nagaoka Scholarship Foundation/ All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.




Posters will not be returned to the applicants.  Acknowledgements of posters will not be sent to the


Regarding entries from overseas, please be advised to check the website: http://www.c-earth.org./en 

Copyright and ownership will belong to The Children of the Earth’s Club.



For further information, please send a fax to 81-3-3586-6293 or e-mail to c-earth@c-earth.org.   

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