Awarded  13th Poster Contest

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Awarded : 13th Poster Contest

【Elementary school】


2010takamado-ePrincess Takamado Award
『Save the Earth』
China   5th grade   Mr.Tong Lin  



2009foreign-eForeign Minister Award
Thailand   6thgrade   Miss Wisaitat Jitpukdee



2009education-eEducation Minister Award
『I am drawing a poster to save the earth』
Japan   4thgrade   Miss Natsuki Kawaura



2009environment-eEnvironment Minister Award
『Beautiful Sea,Beautiful Earth』
Japan   6thgrade   Miss Reika Umemura



2009children-eThe Children of the Earth ‘s Club Award
『No more,Global warming!』
Korea   6thgrade   Miss Terry Kim



2009children-eThe Children of the Earth ‘s Club Award
Singapore   5thgrade   Miss Isabella Tan Yi Lin



2009special-eSpecial Award
『Let’s Protect Our Planet』
India   6thgrade   Miss Kavya Garg



2009special-eSpecial Award
『Let’s Protect Our Planet』
Malaysia   5thgrade   Miss Alicia Kwan Su Huey



2009tokyoelectric-eThe Tokyo Electric Power Company Award
『Healthy Earth and Me』
Japan   6thgrade   Miss Saki Ikuta




【Junior High School】


2009takamado-jPrincess Takamado Award
『Polar Bear,”Where is my home?”』
China   2thgrade   Miss Chen Li



2009prime-jPrime Minister Award
『Healthy Earth』
Japan   2thgrade   Miss Minami Tanaka



2009foreign-jForeign Minister Award
『Alien trouble』
Singapore   2thgrade   Miss Low Mei Jun



2009education-jEducation Minister Award
『SAve The Earth』
Malaysia   2thgrade   Miss Nadia Falihah Ahmad Yani



2009environment-jEnvironment Minister Award
『To Save The Environment unity make power』
Thailand   3thgrade   Miss Wipaporn Meemak



2009children-jThe Children of the Earth ‘s Club Award
『Our earth needs help』
India   2thgrade   Miss Ayushie Jain



2009special-jSpecial Award
『A drop makes difference』
Japan   2thgrade   Miss Yu Saito



2009tokyoelectric-jThe Tokyo Electric Power Company Award
『Which Lifestyle do you choose?』
Japan   1thgrade   Miss Saki Konishi


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